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Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism: The Essential Guide

Jonathan A Long. Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism: The Essential Guide Authors:Jonathan A Long.
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Book Summary:
This is a comprehensive and informative book written especially for new and inexperienced researchers in the fields of leisure, sport and tourism, both full-time students and people in employment having to conduct their own research or make use of other people's research. Unlike generic research texts that do not 'speak' to people in this field, this richly flavoured book immediately engages the reader by using subject-specific examples and explaining the central methodological issues in straightforward terms. By showing students what they can do to assess, manage and reduce the time they spend on research, Researching in Sport, Leisure and Tourism will help them achieve a better balance in their course work. It will quickly establish itself as the key methodological book in the field.

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