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Jocko's Original Book Of Sports Puns

David Rohy. Jocko's Original Book Of Sports Puns Authors:David Rohy.
Price:2160 rub.

Book Summary:
I collected baseball cards and I was always intrigued by cartoon images that would appear on the back side of the cards. For example, a player might be referred to as a "bonus baby" and would appear in cartoon form as a child in a diaper with oversized safety pins. I think these images stuck in my head and I began to grow my own personal inventory of these sporting cartoon puns in my head. Soon the inventory spilled over into spreadsheets and various post-it notes of sports pun images. I have wanted to share these images for many years and finally connected with the right illustrator to make my images come to life. The pun has been called the lowest common denominator of jokes. It only makes sense to resort to the lowest form of humor to make people smile. There can be no harm in trying to reach the largest audience possible by stepping beyond the sporting fans to anyone who gets a chuckle out of a good play on words. I hope every reader can find some enjoyment in this collection of...

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