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The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands

John A. Davis. The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands Authors:John A. Davis.
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Book Summary:
Marketing at the Olympics, the attraction and the rewardsEssential reading in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, the newly revised and fully updated second edition of The Olympic Games Effect offers fascinating sports marketing and branding insights into the promotion of the Games themselves, and their unique attraction for corporations in particular.The important lessons of past Olympics will be used to show a hundred year-plus tradition based on a several thousand year old testament to the love of sports and competition, revealing how, in recent years, this has evolved into a seductively attractive vehicle for a wide range of audiences, from consumers to corporations.Loaded with historical information on the Olympics, the book traces the history of the Olympics back to 776 BC. This legacy is vital to the ongoing success of the Olympics, and is at the heart of why brands care so muchPacked with illustrations that illustrate how the Games have become arguably the world's most...

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